Yay! Can we all rejoice? BrailleSoft has moved up to Windows Mobile Smart Phone development! For a while now, blind people have had no games available to them on Smart Phones. I am proud to announce that the game us PAC Mate users have had for a while are now on your Smart Phone! Select the game you want to install and play! You install the game right onto your smart phone via a cab file that you run from your File Explorer program after the cab file is of course copied to your device via the link below, from your desktop to some type of storage device, ETC. Enjoy! For Mobile Speak users it is advised that you download and install the .NET framework for your Windows Mobile Smartphone so all text is read to you automatically!

Please Note that all games have a minor update. Pressing the left soft key closes out the applications now!

Crocadile Dentist Audio Game
Wack-A-Mole Audio Game Click there for more information about Wack-A-Mole, an audio game!
The Madlib Story Writer is now here! Create some funny and goofy stories by filling in what the program asks for, and see the outcome!

Bomb has arrived. How many squares can you uncover without uncovering a square that contains a bomb and ending your life?

The Great Escape has been posted! You are in a maze of 100 rooms! Find your way out --- if you can!

Russian Roulette has also been posted! How many times can you manage to pull the chain before your own gunshot kills you?

Tax Man is a new game where you must pick from a list of numbers that factor one another and beat the Tax Man. The object is to get more points than he does! Good luck!

Hangman version 1.2 is now available! Play Hangman using the 795 builtin words, a text file containing words you want to use, or with another person!

Uno Version 1 is now available for your Smart Phone! Play against your Smart Phone or 8 others in the same room with you! Full instructions are included in the game.

Battleship is also available for the Smart Phone. Play against the Smart Phone or 2 to 9 other people! Even place your own ships if you wish, or let your Smart Phone do it for you!
The Guessing Game has been released! You can play this game in 2 ways, guess your Smart Phone's number between 1 and a number you choose, or guess it's letter from A to Z!

Convert Letters To Numbers is a utility that will convert the letters in telephone numbers to their corresponding numbers on the phone! E.G. 1-800-cal-latt will be converted to 1-800-226-6288!

Tic Tac Toe has been ported over to the Smart Phone! Play Tic Tac Toe against your Smart Phone or another person in the same room you are!

Word Blaster is a game in which your Smart Phone will choose a word at random. Every five seconds it fills in the word by choosing random letters and placing them in the corresponding position. Your job is to guess the word before the Phone fills in the entire word! Either play using the builtin words, or play with someone else, or a text file containing one word on its own line.

Memory Challenge is a game where you use a text file containing a list of words and the Phone will present the words to you. You start out with one word, then if you get it right the program adds another and another until you have completed the entire file.

Word Scrambler scrambles a word and you are to try and guess it. Either play using the builtin words, play with someone else, or use a text file containing words on their own line to be used.

Crazy Eights for the Smart Phone is now available. Play against your Smart Phone or others in the same room! If you need help, press question mark during the game when focus is on the combo box containing the cards you can select from. To close the game at anytime, simply use your smart phone's close command.

Blackjak is here! Play a nice game of Blackjack on your Smart Phone, either against the Smart Phone or with other people in the room with you!

More games and/or utilities will be added soon!
If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, you can Join the Smart Phone Mailing List! or please email Louis Bryant at louis@BrailleSoft.net