Welcome to the BlackJack table for all SENSE products. Instructions are given throughout the game, and by pressing SPACE-H on a Braille keyboard at anytime, or F1 on a QWERTY keyboard at anytime. If messages go by too fast for Braille users, you can press TAB to move between the game window and messages you may have missed. To view the messages, use the Up and Down arrows; this is SPACE-DOT 4 and SPACE-DOT 1on Braille keyboards.
Get your download here.

If you use a classic, Voice Sense, a PLUS, or an OnHand, you want This version.
If you use a U2, U2 MINI, or U2 QWERTY, you want This version.
To install Blackjack, follow these steps:

Download the appropriate ZIP file. You then want to cut and paste the ZIP file into the "hims" folder on your Flashdisk or SD card. If you don't have a "hims" folder on the root of the Flashdisk or SD Card, you want to create it.
Next, press ENTER on the ZIP file to unzip it. When asked for the folder to unzip to, the correct folder name is already supplied, so press ENTER once more to begin the extraction.
When the extraction is done, close the File Manager and reset your SENSE.
Under the "programs" menu, you will find BlackJack. Enjoy!