This is a mine-sweeper-like type game. How many squares can you uncover without uncovering a square with a bomb? Originally written by Dan Zingaro for the Freedom Scientific classic notetakers, it is now available for your Windows Mobile powered PDA. Instructions are included with the game, and for PAC Mate users and PM Omni users JAWS scripts are automatically installed during program setup.
Pocket PC and Freedom Scientific PAC Mate and Omni users get the fix of the saving and opening of files working properly, and you can now open a new file anytime during the game. Quitting the application in the middle of the game wil allow you to save the current board for a later play.
This program runs on the following devices, which when you click on the link, wil let you download the correct file.

PAC Mate 4.1 and earlier
PAC Mate Omni 6.0 and later
Other Pocket PC
and All Smartphones