Uno Card Game Version 2 Alpha is here for download! I like this game WAY better than Crazy Eights! Try to get rid of all of your cards but be careful for the tricky wilds and Wild Draw 4's. Play against the PAC Mate, you and 9 friends included, or you and 8 friends including the PAC Mate and have a great time! Full instructions and documentation are included with the game but if you still get stuck or find errors please let me know.
Fixes in Version 2 Alpha
Internet support is coming in the next version of Uno, I promise! I lost the Source Code a week ago, now it is back and a lot was done to improve it!
Shortcut keys are now available when you are playing for all actions.
You can cycle through cards via their numbers also. While focus is on the list of cards you hold in your hand and you are not putting a Wild or Wild Draw 4 down, you can press the number you are interested in and the PAC mate will move you through the list, showing you the cards that match your selected numbers. E.G. Let's say you have Red 5 and Blue 5, pressing 5 will show you all cards ending in 5.
The manual was updated to include better directions on how to play the game and how to place cards down, and even gives you a sneak-peek of what features are coming once the Internet version is released!
You no longer have to wait for the Pick From The Stack button to show when the PAC Mate is updating you on how many more cards are left when you or someone else gets a Draw thrown at them. Simply press ENTER or the spacebar to rapidly grab all of your cards.
When you win a game, or when someone wins period the PAC Mate now tells you how long each Uno game was.
The size of the program is 50% smaller than the last one.
When you have no cards that match the face-up card in your hand, and you grab a card, and it matches, you are asked if you want to play it or hold on to it.
When you press F1 in the middle of a game, you are asked if you are sure you want to quit.
You can leave a Uno game at anytime and come back to it without quitting the application. If you come back to a game that was previously left, the focus is now placed right back where you left off!
PAC Mate no longer places a different card down once you select a Wild or a Wild Draw 4 and change the color.
Please let me know if you want anything more added or if you find any bugs!
Fixes in Version 1.3.2
The PAC Mate no longer places a different card down after you select a new color from a Wild or a Wild Draw 4 you placed down. And, he also draws cards faster!
Fixes in Version 1.3.1
The PAC Mate no longer places the same color card after choosing a Wild or a Wild Draw 4 as its prior card was. E.G. If you had a Red and PAC Mate places a Wild down, it will NOT choose Red as it's color.
Also, when the PM places your Reverse down after you pick a card from the stack, it no longer freezes.

Fixes in Version 1.3
The program now places your cursor on the first item in the list as it does in File Explorer.
If you have to draw a card from the stack, if the PAC Mate sees that you can play the card, it is placed down for you and you are told what card you were able to play.
The reported number of cards remaining for you to draw due to a draw 2 or a Wild Draw 4 being placed down is now reported correctly.

Fixes in version 1.2
All known bugs were fixed, and the program no longer simply closes when someone wins, you are able to press the YES button to play again.
When you have multiple cards to pick, the dialog with the number of cards you have left no longer pops up, now a flash message is presented, with focus landing back on the Pick Up Card From Stack button.
PAC Mate no longer announces cards it takes from the draw pile. Instead, it thumbs through the stack so you know that it is in fact getting cards.