Simon is now available for the PAC Mate! Repeat the tones the PDA plays for you and see how high you get! Can you remember all 500 of them?
This game is also Open-Source, and the code has comments that could help you if you are interested in how a game like this was made. Feel free to modify, redistribute for a price or NOT LOL if you charge heh I'm not buying it just so you know!!! The source code is written in Basic4ppc and it is located under the \Program Files\Simon\Simon.sbp file. If you review the Simon.sbp file in Notepad, activate your find function and start with the apostrophe mark to reach the first comment. Do NOT mess around with the numbers before the apostrophe or you won't have a working source program to test after you modify it! Also, if you modify it, please be kind enough to give me credit where it is due. I'd do that for you!
To play, on a BX DOTS 1 through 8 play the notes. On a QX, the HomeRow keys play the notes. Space-bar on both machines replay the series. F1 or ESCAPE aborts the game. If you are in practice mode, use the same keystrokes to play the notes, and press the spacebar to stop all notes from being played. Press F1 or ESCAPE to abort practicing and to immediately start the game! The further in the game you get the faster the notes are played!