I am proud to announce a free and Open-Source FTP Client for the PAC Mate. If you want you can also Download the Source
With this FTP client, you can now download, upload, rename, and delete files to and from an FTP server running on port 21, and create/view the folders on the server. Also, you no longer have to press the END keystroke after typing in the first character to a site, username, and/or password. Just fill in the edit fields as prompted and TAB to the next field! Also, you can specify what directories are viewed upon connection. And, you can navigate to what you want via the letter of the item. E.G. pressing the letter T will move to all items beginning with the letter T in the list of FTP files. If you push the Manual button the new changes and directions appear and you can view them like any standard document. Another major bug was fixed in this version. When you were in the list view of files and you were at file number 200 to 305, the program would crash telling you that the file you wanted to access couldn't be accessed and would take you back to the list of files and folders on the server. This has been fixed and you can now download and move to all folders and files as expected. Let me know what you think via email to louis@braillesoft.net!