Chopper Patrol Requires ActiveSync or an unzip utility such as PocketRar to download and install.
Try to shoot down the Helicopters and Jets as they fly your way. Using headphones may be a good idea when playing this game.
Chopper Patrol is actually a game written by Justin Daubinmire from! It is a program to teach people how to program games for the blind using Visual Basic 6. I have ported it to the Pocket PC to show people how to use the Hekkus System Sound Library along with Basic4ppc to create fun and accessible games. The source Code is included in both packages under the folder you choose to install to.To play the game, just shoot all the helicopters down with your Space-bar, using the left and right arrows to locate the helicopters. There are also jets you can target as well, but you will need the machine gun to do so. Simply use the Up or Down arrow to switch between guns, match your target or targets and shoot them with the Space-bar. Enjoy!

Chopper Patrol ActiveSync Installer
Chopper Patrol .ZIP Archive