The Talking Clock V1.00 is a program that runs in the background that allows your PAC Mate to speak the time every half hour and/oror hour, or you can play a file every half hour and/or every hour! You can even have it announce the time and date it is currently when you power up your PAC Mate. If you need to set any alarms, please use the BrailleSoft Calendar posted above.
To use the program, run it and check the checkboxes that you want and then press F1 or ESCAPE to minimize the program, F1 or ESCAPE does NOT close this program like it does with all my other apps. If you selected to play a file, simply select the file you want played and press ENTER to select it and hear it. To change file types, TAB to the File Types combo box and select your type then select from the list of available files of the selected type. If you have the option of Announce time and date at startup checked, to disable it at anytime, if the clock is still running simply uncheck the box. If you close out the clock and want to disable this option, simply running the clock does the trick! The Exit button shuts down the clocks interface.