This is my rendition of PAC Mate's Battleship Version 2, and how a "FUN" one should be. Features include playing with 2 to 6 players, play with just your PAC Mate, or 5 other players and PAC Mate involved! Also just added, the ability for all players to place their own ships!Fixes in this version are:
Made several more routines faster, including when the PAC Mate fires it's gun.
When PAC Mate finds a ship, it will completely destroy it until it has sunk that one ship, then move on.
Shrank the applause.wav and lowered its quality for the PM considerably, now work perfectly.
Added a status check. Press the SPACE-BAR when it is someone's turn to see how many ships everyone has managed to sink, what positions on the board have NOT been targetted, and also what ships each player has left standing -- the ships that are NOT sunk..
Also made a few routines faster when it came to sounds.
Fix in V1.03 was
Worked on the handling of players. In prior versions, PAC Mate would crash the program if there were six players total!
Version 1.02 had this fix:
Worked on the ship sizes and the rare occurrence of ships splitting and overlapping one more time
Fixes in Version 1.01 were:
JAWS no longer takes all the credit when a player wins
PAC Mate now gives the correct player credit if the current player sinks five ships. In Battleship, ties are not possible, sorry.
PAC Mate no longer freezes during its turn
PAC Mate makes sure all five ships fit on six different boards before allowing anyone access to gameplay
PAC Mate no longer overlaps ships, if it still does please let me know
PAC Mate now places ships accurately and much more random, due to this fix, gameplay may take sometime because all ships are well hidden
Also due to this randomly placing of ships, PAC Mate WILL cross ships to confuse the player on purpose! E.G., PAC Mate's or your opponents destroyer could be on c3. So, you target that position and then you try targetting c4. You see that another ship is there. If this is the case, try something like c2 or d3 or b3 and I guarantee you will be attacking the Destroyer again.
Oh, by the way, No JAWS scripts required!