Hi all PAC Mate and PAC Mate OMNI users! Finally, accessible games/utilities for us, free for that matter, well, most of them are anyway.
To play these games or use these utilities, simply download the .cab file containing the game/Utility you want installed and press ENTER on it. You may want to keep a backup of the .cab file so you can always have these apps on hand if you get stuck doing a hard reset with PAC Mate. Please Note: .cab files are automatically deleted after execution so make sure a backup of it is somewhere else, then place another copy of the .cab file right on to the PAC Mate and run that newly created copy.

An Important Component You Need (Pre-Omni Only!!!

If your PAC Mate is not an Omni, please install Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 on your PAC Mate before continuing with any of these programs! Download it to your PAC Mate and run this .cab File directly from the PAC Mate itself. When asked to replace files, say "Yes to All" and the installation will go smoothely. Soft reset the device with DOTS 1-2-3-7-4-6-8-CHORD on a BX, or Alt+Ctrl+Delete on a QX and everything should work just fine.
If that doesn't work, then download it to your desktop from Here! and install it with ActiveSync to your PAC Mate. Don't forget to soft reset the machine when you are done with the installation!

New JAWS Scripts for the Games for everyone!

The games below rely on edit boxes to present to you their information. This installer installs the needed config files to help with speech and Braille output, so JAWS no longer reads the word "edit" everytime a message is presented to you.
Install The Scripts Now! to get the best speech and Braille output for the games presented here on this site. There are also scripts that are installed when you run this installer for our IRC Client, audio games, and FTP client. Enjoy!

Select what you are interested in here.

Shareware PAC Mate Software
Freeware PAC Mate Software

More Software!

Below lists people who are hosting games for the PAC Mate.

L-Works.net finally has delve into the world of portability! Check their titles from Here and let him know what you think. The titles that work on the PAC Mate and Smartphone are available inside his Mobile page.

Ken Parry from Blinksoft has released a program for the PAC Mate and PAC Mate Omni called PDFMate. It let's PAC Mate users read PDF'S right on the PAC Mate. It works with no JAWS scripts. As of version 6.1 this functionality will be builtin to the PAC Mate Omni, however for those of us who can't upgrade for financial reasons, or aren't grabbing 6.1 won't miss out on this great feature!

Crazy Ken has some games he has posted for your enjoyment on your PAC Mate and PAC Mate Omni. Check out the link above for more details and how to get them up and running on your PAC Mate!

X-Sight Interactive has released Chopper Challenge for the PAC Mate! Look under X-Sighting games under the heading with Chopper Challenge for Pacmate as its caption. Check out the URL above for more details!

Stay up-to-date with patch releases from X-Sight-Interactive for PAC Mate software from This page!

Scott Berry from Pilotalk will be releasing games and other utilities for the PAC Mate quite soon also! Scott Berry and I are joined together to bring you even more nice blind-friendly software for the PM! Naturally this means any PPC running Windows Mobile! Check out the URL for more details!

More games and/or utilities will be added soon!
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, and/or concerns, please email me at louis@braillesoft.net.