These are games I created for the Freedom Scientific Note-takers - Braille 'N Speak, Braille Lite 18/40/2000, Braille Lite M20/40, Type 'N Speak, and Type Lite, and Type Lite Millennium.
Also, in this package I have put free games that I enjoy playing and am sure you wil enjoy them as well. The descriptions for the games I programmed are listed below, and any game and/or source code file I have built are listed in the descriptions below. Others are the games I have posted and don't appear in this list below. So, for future reference, any game that appears in the list below, I wrote. Any other game you find in the .zip archive that is NOT listed, I did NOT build.

For a description about these games, Read This.
For a complete .zip archive of the latest games, news, ETC., Download
If you want the Source Code to all of the games available in the previous package, Download
To extract the files in the .zip archives, you need Unzip.bns.
If you already have unzip.bns, then don't download this.
To learn how to use Unzip.bns, Read Unzip.txt.
If you need transfer software for your Note-taker so you can transfer files to the Note-taker, Download and Install WinDisk. Help is available from within the program during installation.

If you need help with these games, or your notetaker in general, or just want to meet new people and talk about anything you like, Join the BrailleSoft General Discussion List!

If you need help with WinDisk, Unzip.bns, or the .zip archive, you can either contact me (Louis Bryant) at, or Freedom Scientific.