Stuff You May Want To Try Out and Buy

New! Monopoly is now available. For more information, check out the link above.

I am proud to announce a new program, the Music Categorizer. I am sure we all have had these problems whether you're blind or sighted when dealing with multiple MP3'S:

Do all this while the MP3 plays. And do it all for just $10. Or try out The Demo before you buy!

Did you like the demo and now you want to purchase it? Please request it through email via Make sure your subject is "Purchase Music Categorizer". Please do NOT give me any personal info, such as credit card numbers. I only need your name, and your email address. I will sent you an email through PayPal so you can enter your personal details there because PayPal is secure. Once payment has been received, an email will again be sent to you with all the information you need to get started with the full product. Thank you.

Freeware Open-Source Games

Audio 3D Maze Beta 1
Crocadile Dentist Audio Game
Madlibs Story Writer for Windows
Wack-A-Mole Audio Game
Click there for more information about Wack-A-Mole, an audio game!
The Great Escape requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to run.
You are in a maze of 100 rooms. Find your way out --- if you can! This is version 1.01. SAPI has been included in this version! You will need your screen reader active as dialog boxes that have Yes/No questions aren't read by SAPI. Edit boxes are no longer extensively used, however focus is given to one edit box in particular at the beginning of the game, and after a dialog box disappears. This allows you to type in other responses.

Please Note: So far, all programs listed below pop up with a DOS console. If you are not a JAWS 6 or later user, you should use the JAWS Cursor to play the games, or change the Screen Echo to "All" before running a program. Once a program has finished execution, switch back to the PC Cursor, or change the Screen Echo back to "Highlighted". Runs on DOS, Windows, and PAC Mate.
Contains blackjak.exe, C Code, and Euphoria Code.
The BlackJak 21 cards game. Run blackjak.exe to play, or to use the Euphoria interpreter after modifying the Euphoria Code, run blackjak.exw located in ..\blackjak\euphoria.

Euphoria must be installed on your system if you plan on learning it to modify BlackJak.exw. Click the link that says "Euphoria Code".

Tic Tac Toe Download
Contains C Source Code, Euphoria Source Code, and a compiled executable so you can play the game.
You can play the game either against the computer or with someone else. Speech is included via the Language Master, so I recommend you quit your Screen Reader before running the program!
This game has Source Code, an executable, and requires a Screen Reader to read the screen if necessary. As for now, it runs on Windows, but can run on other platforms, Linux/FreeBSD. A DOS-style Window pops up, so for JAWS 5.1 users and earlier, switch the screen echo to "all".
Camel is a game in which you are traveling in the Desert trying to make it across the plane over 200 miles. Pigmies will be chasing you for their supper. You must make it across the plane without being captured by the Pigmies. Be careful! A lot of activity goes on in this Desert!
The package contains Source Code in C and Euphoria, and an executable so you can begin pplaying right away! A Screen Reader is required to play; a DOS-style Window is used.
In 23bricks, you and the computer or another player have one pile of twenty-three bricks. You each take one, two, or three bricks from the pile. Whoever takes the last brick loses! This program works with any screen reader that can read a console. JAWS and/or Window-Eyes work. Try other screen readers just to be sure.

More games will be added soon!

Closed-Source Freeware Utility

The Connect Program is one useful utility that is compatible flawlessly with JAWS. It for now allows you to access simple telnet sites or bbs's with little effort. It is a multitasking client, meaning it can accept your input as you type along with the capability to read everything it receives from the socket directly through JAWS. Because this program outputs everything directly to JAWS and not the screen, JAWS users might be upset at the fact that this application is one of those that might not be scriptable. The whole point of the program is to work without any scripting period! The program is free, and future releases will be available with even greater control, and JAWS scripting will not need to be available whatsoever for you to use them! You could also use this simple client to troubleshoot other networks, such as web sites, email sites, ETC., just as you use telnet.