Thanks for your interest in Hangman for the SENSE Notetaker!
Before you download your copy, please read through the directions below!
The current version of Hangman allows you to play the game using a default text file with exactly 51,466 words in it. Feel free to modify and share the file as you wish.
You can make custom word lists. To do this, create a blank text file in your My Documents folder on your flashdisk. Write each word on its own line. Save the file when you're done, then run Hangman and have fun!
You can also play with someone else. Make sure that either speech is disabled while they type in a word, or enable Hide Passwords in the Global Options menu.
The program presents you with helpful messages and detailed instructions. Please read the prompts carefully.
HIMS will NOT provide you with any Tech Support whatsoever with this game!

Download is here:

For the Voice Sense, Braille Sense Classic, Voice Sense QWERTY, Braille Sense Plus, Braille Sense Plus QWERTY, and Braille Sense OnHand, Download Hangman
For the Braille Sense U2, U2 Mini, and U2 QWERTY, Download Hangman
To install the game, create a folder called HIMS on the root of your Flashdisk. Move the ZIP package to this folder. When you extract the files using your Braille Sense, it will ask you for a folder name. The correct name is given, so press ENTER. When the files are extracted, you can delete the ZIP file. Reset your notetaker after closing the File Manager. Hangman will be in your Programs menu.
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please write an email to