Blackjack v2.4
Blackjak 21 cards game. This is version 2.4. This version includes several exciting changes such as,
Fixed keyboard input when entering names and bets
Fixed the deck of cards to contain only 52 cards, no card you already have appears more than once.
Fixed a bug where when multiple players lose, the PAC Mate would remember to initialize all players and take all cards back. In the prior version, PAC Mate would add on to the cards the current player already had after shuffling them.
The game now properly terminates encase of an unknown error.
Multiple players
Splitting capabilities
PAC Mate, even ones without a Braille Display, read and displays everything, JAWS can be muted of course
Numerous characteristic sound effects were added, thanks to my wife Brandi.
If you double-down and happen to go over 21, PAC Mate sees it and will bust you!
When all players happen to lose except for one, PAC Mate will no longer crash.
Got all sounds working properly.
When you pressed another key besides t, e, s, d, r, 1, or 2 when asked for your action, the program would halt and abort with an NullReferenceException.
Handles multiplayers so much better.
When you receive your cards after splitting them, they are displayed correctly, grammar wise, and your hands' total are actually retained when you switch from one hand to the next. Even when you take a card using one hand, and your total changes, it is saved, giving you a better chance of winning. Switching to another hand forces the program to remember your prior hand, and vice versa.