Memory Challenge v1.02 is a game in which PAC Mate will give you a word to start with and will display it and speak it. You are to remember the word it gave you and type it in. If you get the first word right, PAC Mate adds to it's list until you have remembered the entire contents of a file. Get the first word right, and PAC mate adds on forcing you to remember multiple words. You can play this game in two ways, either let PAC Mate read in a text file containing 3,000 Computer Braille words or less from a UNICode file and each word is on it's own line, and PAC Mate will give you the words in the exact order they appear in the text file, or let PAC Mate put them in random order to make it a little more challenging to remember the words. It builds the random list at game startup so you don't have to worry about it randomly throwing out words, just guess them in the exact order it gives them in.
I Fixed keyboard input when entering the words. As you type, sometimes the letters you type are hidden so to see them before you proceed press END and edit the line of text you typed if necessary.
fixed the random builder so the game no longer freezes. You will know this because as PAC Mate adds to the list, it will emit a stream of beeps.