Ah! The fun text-based software of the Apple II or also called the "Baby Macintosh of the 1980's".
HERE you will find BASIC programs with no modifications ready to go for the Apple II Computer. If the link above does NOT work, then download The Zipped Version of this archive. The files are text, and anyone wishing to port them to other platforms should be able to do so very easily. I do plan on porting these over to the Freedom Scientific clasic notetakers as well as Windows and Windows Mobile sometime in this life. But for those of you who don't want to wait on that, I don't blame you! These are also useful for getting better ideas with algorithms if you are a programmer yourself. The BASIC programming manuals are also here so you can figure out what each command does to make the code easier to follow during your porting adventure, or just for your curiosities and pleasure. More things will be added soon. So far, there are 91 Applesoft Basic files to choose from. All of these programs were written in Applesoft Basic. Soon however, I shall give Integer Basic programs a try here and see how well that code transfers in my sparetime. I found a lot of fun games written in Integer Basic.
Also here, you will see a recordings folder that has MP3'S of the various types of music the APPLE IIGS plays, and the types of voices the Echo II Speech provided! I hope you enjoy this and please let me know if you have questions!