Welcome to BrailleSoft, INC.!
We develop software to entertain and enhance the blind community. Our specialty for now are blindness PDA'S, however our software happens to run on Windows-based desktops as well. This Web Site will be updated very frequently, more features will be added, and more games, news, products, and more links to accessible sites! Please visit us often!

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Braille Sense Notetakers
X-Sight Interactive features games for PAC Mate with help from BrailleSoft
Freedom Scientific Classic Note-taker Downloads
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BrailleSoft's PAC Mate and PAC Mate Omni Software
Windows Mobile Smart Phone Software
Apple II Source Codes and Sound Demos

Site News

BrailleSoft has 2 new games out for the Braille Sense from HIMS! Check out the Braille Sense page for all the details!

RSGames and BrailleSoft have partnered up to bring you the RSGames Client for Mobile devices! The following devices will be supported in version 1.0 of the mobile client:
APH BraillePlus
Level Star's Icon
National Braille Press Braille Wizard or other Android Devices
Symbian Devices
Freedom Scientific's PAC Mate 4.1 / earlier and PAC Mate Omni
Windows Mobile Smartphone

New BrailleSoft software will no longer be just Freedom Scientific PAC mate Omni specific. We will move to an interface that is more generalized to work specifically with almost any screen reader running Windows Mobile. This will include audio projects as well.

Do you have FaceBook? If so, you can add me using the email address l_bryant2004@yahoo.com
Need an easier and more accessible way to browse FaceBook? Try their Lite Version, and/or their Trimmed Down Version.

It's been a while, and we will have more things here soon. However we are pleased to announce a new section that should be interesting to anyone who remembers the days of the Apple II Computer. This section contains Source Code to all the Applesoft BASIC programs I have collected over the years, along with manuals to help you understand what the BASIC commands are for easier conversion to the machines of today. There are also some recordings of the Echo II Speech synthesizer from Street Electronics, and the various kinds of music and sounds capable from the Apple IIGS. Hope you enjoy it!

The Music Categorizer is now available. Have multiple MP3'S and are you having a hard time finding them? Or, want to generate playlists of all your favorite MP3'S without knowledge of the path and filename of them? Want to make things easier for yourself and everyone else who looks at your computer? Try this software out!

Games for PAC Mates are freely available! Some have Source Code, others do NOT! New games will appear from time-to-time, so keep coming back! The latest news and downloads will be on that PAC Mate page.

If you want to contact me directly, I have 3 other ways. The first way is on MSN. I go by louis@braillesoft.net. The second way is via Skype. I go by l_bryant2004, and if you prefer, you can search for Louis Bryant. The last way is usually on The Zone BBS. My nametag there is l_bryant2004.

A new product, the "connect" application is now available from the DOS/Windows page. This is only version 1 and takes the place of the Telnet program which doesn't work that well with JAWS. Unlike my games though, this application works flawlessly with JAWS and you don't need to full around with JAWS at all. Just read the connect.txt document after extracting the .zip file into a folder of it's own! Future versions will have a scripting language in which you can script your own client, and also an internet browser that you can script as well. The source code for this free product is not available. The program for now runs on Windows, yet their are a number of free and accessible clients like this one for Linux.
Future releases will also include various servers that work with JAWS and have the scripting capability. These will include an FTP server, internet web server, and a bulletin board you can visit! The servers will run on Windows, but clients of any kind will be able to log on to them, even if they run on Linux!

The Tic Tac Toe game has been upgraded once more, now taking out the need to press ENTER twice in order to place your X or O on the game board. ESCAPE finally works, and the response is a little faster. This game also includes changes mentioned in the last posting about the game, with those repiticious statements removed.All these minor changes also makes the ttt.exe file smaller in size and a little faster! Let me know if you want more features and/or another game. Unfortunately for Linux users this game is not yet available, although I am trying to get a Linux distribution up and running, like Oralux but my computer doesn't seem to want to support it.

I have changed the startup sequence and re-compiled all of my games so JAWS and Window-eyes, and the Windows Operating System know for sure that these games are currently console-based programs. Because of this, JAWS seems to respond a little better to the .exe files you run to play the games.

My friends, Kody, Murysia, and I are featured in the A Living Skills Thirty Second TV Public Service Announcement. The spot should be airing on the Bay Area's television towards the end of the month.
You need to download and install RealPlayer to watch it if you don't already have it.

Are their any Freedom Scientific Note-taker, PAC Mate, BRAILLEX ELba, BrailleNote, Level Star Icon, or Windows/Linux fanatics who love to search the Internet, or want to see more accessible software for these products? Please drop me an E-Mail using the address at the bottom of this page, and let me know exactly what it is you want to see! Requests may be answered slowly, but trust me, I'll get around to all of them in the years/months ahead!

I have added another game called 23bricks to this Web Site. You can find it in the DOS/Windows programs page, although it can run on all other supported platforms DOS, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. It includes Source Code, an executable, and a screen reader that can read Console applications that run under Windows. For sure, JAWS and Window-Eyes work.

A game, Camel has been added to this Web Site!
Actually, it has been here before, but some major changes have been done to the program to make it more enjoyable! It runs on all supported platforms by Euphoria, and can be downloaded from the DOS/Windows link.

A new game, Taxman, has arrived to this Web Site! You have a list of numbers, you and the Tax Man must get the numbers that factor one another. If no more numbers can be factored, the Tax Man gets them all! Your scores are based on how many numbers you pick, plus the numbers' value! The download is available!

For users of the Freedom Scientific Note-takers:
I have posted the Source Code to all of my games. Feel free to modify and redistribute these programs, but you CANNOT sell them.

Other Cool Web Sites

My wife Brandi Bryant has a list of awesome sites you might want to check out. Visit her site at http://www.brandi.braillesoft.net and see what it is all about. You can also submit a site for judgement there, and if Brandi aproves of it, she will submit it.

Travis Smith has started a site, Blind Gameware.com.
He has some nice titles there for the PAC Mate Omni for affordable prices! Check out his site for more details.


If you have questions, comments, suggestions, and/or concerns, please email me at louis@braillesoft.net.